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New Windows Designated as Energy Star Most Efficient 2018 Offer maximum energy efficiency.

06 Jan

New Windows Designated as Energy Star Most Efficient 2018 Offer maximum energy efficiency.

Posted Residential Windows

Sunrise Windows Ultra-U Plus glass exceeds Energy Star Most Efficient standards.

Energy efficiency is one of the main reasons that homeowners choose to install new windows in Lynwood, IL . Windows provide our homes with natural light and ventilation. However, old windows are often horribly inefficient and can contribute to higher heating and cooling costs. Homeowners looking to install new windows that are higher efficiency should always choose Energy Star Certified products. These energy efficient windows use many technologies to manage thermal performance, solar heat gain, and other factors that contribute to the overall efficiency of new windows.

Not all Energy Star Certified windows are created equal. Some manufactures go above and beyond the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency to provide new windows that push the boundaries of energy efficiency. Products that are of this caliber receive the Energy Star Best Of 2018 designation.

One such manufacturer is Sunrise Windows. When you choose windows that feature their Ultra-U Plus glass, you can be sure that your new windows are at peak energy efficiency. Sunrise Windows that utilize the Ultra-U Plus glass package feature:

  • Advanced, triple weather-stripping seals for top efficiency performance
  • Polyurethane window frame insulation, which adds comfort and efficiency
  • Many more energy efficient and curb appeal qualities that can be found here.

It is important to note that Energy Star Certification only applies to the window and frames. To truly maximize your energy efficiency, consult with a professional window installation company to help you choose the right windows for your home or climate and to provide proper installation.

Preferred Window and Door provides installation of new windows from Sunrise Windows in the Lynwood, IL area. They have been installing new windows in Lynwood, IL, the southern Chicago suburbs, and N.W. Indiana since 1994. To learn more about Sunrise Windows, or if you have questions about new window installation call us at 708-251-4883 or 219-595-9680.


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