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New Windows From Sunrise Windows Offer Premium Performance

02 Jan

New Windows From Sunrise Windows Offer Premium Performance

Posted Residential Windows

When the time comes to install new windows you are better off choosing replacement windows from a quality manufacturer.

If you are considering installing new windows in South Holland you know that they can be expensive. While some large companies offer what seem like incredibly low prices on new windows, it is important to realize that you get what you pay for.  Most discount window and door companies choose low quality replacement window manufacturers to keep their prices low. While spending less money is always tempting, you will pay for your decision in the future. Fortunately for you, Sunrise Windows offers new windows that are premium quality, energy efficient and affordable.

A common misconception is that all vinyl windows offer energy efficient performance. This is not true. Low quality replacement windows have hollow extrusions, which don’t provide maximum R-value. R-5 windows from Sunrise utilize polyurethane insulation, which contribute to higher R-Values than most vinyl windows. When you choose new windows that offer maximum energy efficiency, you will save on future heating and cooling costs.

New windows from Sunrise Windows also have fusion-welded sashes and frames. Many cheap vinyl windows either use chemical welding or mechanical fastening to hold their frames and sashes together. When you choose new windows that are of low quality, these bonds can fail and allow air and water to infiltrate your home. New windows from Sunrise Windows are impervious to water and air infiltration because they are fusion-welded.

In the end, it is just not worth it to be cheap when it comes to installing new windows in South Holland – especially when there are high quality affordable solutions from Sunrise Windows.

Preferred Window and Door provides installs new windows from Sunrise Windows in the South Holland, IL area. They have been installing new windows in South Holland, IL, the southern Chicago suburbs, and N.W. Indiana since 1994. To learn more about Sunrise Windows, or if you have questions about new window installation call us at 708-251-4883 or 219-595-9680.


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