The Numbers Game: Unique Ways To Identify Your Home


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Your home’s numbers have an important job: to help emergency responders find you if needed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add flair and style to how you show off your particular digits. We put together some design inspiration ideas to showcase your taste and turn your numbers into a style element.

The natural choice: Bring nature to your numbers by utilizing sheet moss and plywood cut into your homes’ numbers. Assembling these elements into a live identification creates a fresh look. The moss can be spritzed with water to help it last longer.

Metal on color: Putting together a planter will not only display your numbers but also provide a special spot for seasonal flowers and plants. A pretty punch of color painted on a wood box planter is a great backdrop for metallic numbers in a simple font that you attach.

A tree base: Take your tree to another level by exhibiting numbers on one of the trees in your yard. This is a one-of-a-kind way to feature your digits.

No number numbers: Totally change it up by showcasing your house address with words. Spelling it out adds a special flair.

Mix it up: Turning your display on its head can be a little change with a big impact. Instead of laying out your numbers horizontally, turn them to a vertical layout. This little tweak changes up the whole look.

Initials on parade: Create an homage to your last name with smaller home numbers affixed to the large letter of your last name. This can be hung anywhere on your home that has a prominent place.

Seasonal addition: Grab some paint, pumpkins and number stencils and feature your numerals by adding them to one large gourd or each number on a smaller pumpkin displayed in order.

Easy update: Even just swapping out your current display with new numbers in a different font, color or style can make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal.

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