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Can I Paint My Vinyl Windows?

01 Oct

Can I Paint My Vinyl Windows?

Posted Commercial Windows

Painting is an easy way to freshen up your home without undertaking a massive remodeling project. However, when it comes to painting your vinyl window frames — to make them better match the color of the room — some particular concerns arise. Today, we’re going to discuss these, and why it may not be a good idea to paint your vinyl windows.

Some Disagreement

Anyone who has undertaken a significant home remodeling operation will know the importance of research and preparation. Before you get started, it’s important to make sure you know the scope of the project, and whether it is even a viable option.

To this end, if you are considering painting your home — or even a single room — a snazzy new color, your vinyl window frames are a significant consideration. On this end, there is some disagreement as to whether you can paint these or not. Home contractors may tell you that painting your frames is an easy way to tie the room together. You can quickly find a color that matches the rest of the place better than the standard white. However, as window experts ourselves, we do not recommend this option. Here are a few reasons why.

Paint Does not Stick

On the most basic level, most oil or water-based paints do not adhere well to vinyl. If you are hoping to ensure your window frames match the rest of your room, slapping on a couple of new layers of paint may look great for the first month or two, but not for long after that. When you’ve spent time and money upgrading your home, the last thing you want is paint flaking and chipping off; unfortunately, that is exactly what will happen most times when you paint your vinyl frames.

Potential for Warping

If you elect to paint a room with rich, dark colors, you may be tempted to convert your window frames to the same. However, we all know how strong the sun can get — especially during the long midwestern summers. Part of the reason vinyl window frames general feature lighter colors is to avoid absorbing too much solar energy (and heat). Darkening the color of your window frames may also open the door to windows which are warped and distorted from the solar heat which they are now absorbing.


It’s bad enough if your newly-painted vinyl window frame begins flaking or peeling. It’s worse still if the new color causes permanent heat damage. But at least you still have your warranty on the window and can get a new one installed, right? Well, not necessarily. The fine print of many warranty agreements includes a clause which prevents you from tampering with both the glass and non-glass parts of the window. In some cases, painting the windows can void your warranty, leaving you out-of-luck when you need a new window installed.

Painting Your Windows

While you can technically paint your windows to better match your vision for a room, there are several significant downsides to doing so. Flaky paint, heat damage and the potential for a voided warranty are all considerations when you make this decision. If you are hoping to replace your windows soon but would like a quick paint job in the meantime, this can be a fine temporary solution. However, in the long-term, the best option is to find a replacement window, which better matches the color and style of your home. Contact Preferred Window and Door for more tips and tricks for finding the perfect replacement window!


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