Preferred Window and Door Opens New Location in Lynwood


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An Indiana and Illinois Window And Door Company You Can Count On

The team at Preferred Window and Door is happy to announce that they have recently moved into a new building in Lynwood, taking over the former Gremp Steel building at 3280 E. Lincoln Highway, and saying goodbye to their former location near the Lansing Municipal Airport. The new location provides room for expansion, an ideal location for traveling to customers, and the perfect spot for customers and employees from different states to connect with the business.

Room to Expand and Grow

The move was inspired by a desire for the company to grow and expand, two things that felt impossible at their landlocked location at 19716 Burnham Avenue, and that provided Preferred Window and Door with no physical space to expand. In their new, $2.5 million home in Lynwood, the company has plenty of space; the business’s new building offers 18,000 square feet of space for offices, a showroom, and a shop, and has been completely refurbished by the company’s owners – Andy and Sheryl Birkett.

An Ideal Location to Reach Customers in Different Locations

In addition to wanting more room for the company for expansion and growth purposes, the Birketts are also excited about the new location because it provides them with the ideal spot to get to their customers in Indiana, Chicago, and the dozens of others cities that the company services throughout Indiana and Illinois. Because of a recent rail overpass, the new Preferred Window and Door building is also accessible to customers who otherwise would have had to battle high traffic levels and waiting for trains to cross the tracks in order to get to the location.

A Local Business That Keeps Growing

Preferred Window and Door’s story is truly one worth celebrating; the company was originally started in 1994 by the young couple, who at the time were only 24 years old. When the company first began, it was like all other struggling small businesses. Today, it has grown to a company with more than $5 million in annual sales, and around 40 employees from both Indiana and Illinois.

Services and Products that You Can Trust

The new move to Lynwood is an exciting step for the local window and door company, and is indicative of the business’s success and relationship with the community it serves. Specializing in window and door repair and replacement for both commercial businesses and residential owners in Indiana and Illinois, if you are in need of window or door services, this is a company you can count on.

To learn more about Preferred Window and Door, or to request a free quote, contact the company today at 708-896-3667.

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