How To Prepare for Window Replacement


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Replacing your old windows was a great decision

So you finally decided to jump the gun and replace the windows in your home, and this is great choice! This is a very exciting thing, yet can be very stressful at the same time. No matter what your reason, window replacement, improves the overall look at feel of your home, and helps decrease your utility bills by helping unwanted temperatures outside and your heat and air conditioning inside. With all this excitement of actually getting the new windows, you may have yet to think about the actual process of the installers coming to your home and putting them in.

Prepare your home for the big day

It is important to prepare your house for when installers come to put the replacement windows in. It helps the process go smoothly and can help them get in and out of your home, thus finishing the project with ease. Read on for three things you can do to prepare for the arrival of your new windows

  1. Make a path: Any room and window in each room needs to be easily accessible. You have to remember that the installers will be taking the old windows out and bringing the new windows in, so they need a clear path to make the job easier. It makes it easier on everyone if the path is already cleared before they start the job. Any furniture needs to be cleared away. It is also important to remember to take off any curtains or blinds and uninstall and security systems you have attached to any windows.
  2. Be mentally prepared for dirty work: With new window installation comes sanding and scraping and much more than simply popping one window out and putting in a new one. While window installers bring their own floor cloths to catch the mess, putting more cloths on the floor before they arrive can help avoid a difficult clean up once they leave. Covering furniture can also ensure a cleaner installation.
  3. Open Up Your House: If you are not planning on being home when the installers show up to replace the windows, make sure you plan ahead and make arrangements for the installers to enter your home. You want them to be able to access both the inside and outside of your home, and it may also be a good idea to have a plan to keep your dog locked up while the work.

By taking these tips into consideration, installers are ensured to efficiently replace your windows, and with a cleaner and smoother process, everyone will be happy.

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