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Prepare Your Entry Doors For Winter

19 Nov

Prepare Your Entry Doors For Winter

Posted Residential Doors

Temperatures are dropping pretty rapidly in the area now, and if you haven’t already performed some basic preparation on your home, now is the time. While temperatures are still tolerable you can save yourself money and keep your family comfortable by doing a little bit of winterization on your entry doors in Lansing, IL. The following steps can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of your entry doors as well as contribute to their lasting beauty and operation.

Storm Doors
If you have a screen door on your entry door it’s time switch out the screen for the storm window. The storm window will add an extra barrier of protection between cold, wet temperatures and your entry doors. Believe it or not, there are homeowners who don’t do this critical step.

Weather Stripping
Check the weather stripping on your entry doors. Over the years it can become worn and no longer be effective. Replace the weather stripping on your entry doors if necessary.

Re-Caulk Your Entry Doors
If you have been noticing significant drafts around your entry doors inspect the caulking. If it has become cracked and there are gaps, re-caulk them.

If you have performed these basic winterization steps on your entry doors but have noticed that they are still leaking, or are simply in bad condition it may be time to replace them. New entry doors are more affordable than you think and will offer you incredible energy efficiency and lasting performance.

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