Questions to Ask Yourself Before Replacing Your Garage Door


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A garage door replacement is a job that is best for professionals to handle. But before you rush into a garage door replacement order, make sure you consider these essential questions first:

Should you repair or replace?

The first most important question that you should ask yourself is whether or not you need to repair your garage door, or if a total garage door replacement is necessary.  A garage door that should be replaced is one with enough damage that the cost of repairs would be more than the cost of replacement. For example, a wooden garage door that has sustained mold damage and decay should absolutely be replaced. On the contrary, a steel garage door that has suffered a small dent can likely just be repaired.

What is your budget?

The next most important thing to consider is your budget. Your budget will not only dictate whether or not replacing your garage door is even possible at this time (would temporary repairs be more affordable for you now?), but also what type of garage door replacement you will seek. Different materials, garage door styles, and features can vary significantly in price – know how much you can afford before meeting with a garage door professional.

Which garage door features are most important to you?

Next, you should think about which garage door features are most important to you. For example, a garage door that has an automatic reversal system is not only a nice feature, but it is one that could prevent a major and life-threatening accident from occurring. If your garage door is not already equipped with this feature, you should have it replaced.

Other features that you might want to consider include security features, garage door keypads and types of garage door remotes, and garage door insulation. In South Cook County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana, temperatures can get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. For this reason, a well-insulated garage door is a must for many homeowners in the Chicago area.

Who will you hire to install your new garage door?

Finally, ask yourself: Who will I hire to install my new replacement garage door? While this question may leave you scratching your head, you know that you want:

  •      A garage door company with years’ worth of experience;
  •      Experts in the field; and
  •      A company that prides itself on customer service.

At Preferred Window & Door, we meet all of the criteria above and more. We believe that a customer’s needs should always be our first priority, and are committed to offering competitive pricing and fast results. To schedule your free quote today, call us now at 708-895-3667.

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