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Why You Should Replace Your Front Door

29 Sep

Why You Should Replace Your Front Door

Posted Residential Doors

Thinking about replacing your home’s front door? Not sure why you should spend the money to replace it? Here are some solid reasons why you should consider front door replacement.

Up the security

Older doors are less secure against potential intruders than newer doors. Updated technology and materials increase the security in your house, making your home less appealing to burglars and safer for you and your family. In addition to that, wear and tear from Chicago weather on door frames over time can lessen the security your door holds, making it much easier for a break in.

Up the value of your home

Front door replacement is not that expensive and can up the value of your house. It increases curb appeal, making it more appealing and easier to sell if your house is on the market. This simple replacement lasts for years and increases the overall look. It is a solid return on investment.

Decrease utilities

One of the more common reasons a front door needs to be replaced in addition to the aesthetic appeal and increased security is the fact that it can decrease your utility bills. Old and worn out front doors allow air conditioning and heat to escape outside of the house. Even if the draft doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it is surprising to most how much it increases your utility bills.

Need more reasons?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider getting a free front door replacement estimate from Preferred Window and Door.

  1. Does your door have any cracks anywhere on the frame or panels?
  2. Is your door scratched and dented?
  3. Is it a task to close and/or lock your front door?
  4. Does your door let in any drafts?

Not only would front door replacement be fixing the current problems your front door causes, but it also brings along with it lots of advantages that come with replacing it. The most important aspect of it all is that return on investment is worth what you put into it when you move out.  

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