Why Are Revolving Doors the Best Choice for Businesses?


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Make Your Business More Efficient With Revolving Doors In South Cook County.

For businesses in Indiana and Illinois, doors are a huge part of business operations. The entrance to a business is not only used to help control the flow of customers into a building (and hopefully enhance the customer experience in the process), but is also used to control energy expenditures. If your business isn’t already using revolving doors, here are some reasons why revolving doors are the best choice for businesses —

Revolving Doors Are Much More Energy Efficient than Other Door Types

One of the key reasons to select revolving doors is that they are much more energy efficient when compared to other door types. In fact, the revolving door was designed, in part, as a solution to the problem of minimizing unwanted airflow (which can affect indoor temperatures) while maximizing the flow of people. While revolving doors are not airtight, it creates a barrier that minimizes the flowing of air from inside to out and visa versa.

Revolving doors are so energy efficient that at MIT, researchers found that a regular swinging door allowed eight times more air to pass through a building than did a revolving door. In fact, the team also found that if more people used revolving doors (referring to the doors on a specific building at which the study was performed), about 75,000 kilowatts of energy would be saved.

LEED Certified Qualification

Another reason why revolving doors are a better choice for businesses in Indiana and Illinois is because, due to their energy efficiency, it is much easier for a business to get LEED certified per the US Green Building Council.

Improving Comfort for Employees and Customers

Professional secretaries who work near building entryways are often exposed to drafts and cold temperatures as a result of inefficient doors. In grocery stores, those who are often the most uncomfortable are clerks and baggers who work near exits. Doors that fail to do their job when it comes to keeping out drafts and moisture often affect customers, too. To improve everyone’s comfort, revolving doors are a must.

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