What Is the Role of Garage Door Torsion Springs?


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Torsion springs are an essential component of nearly all garage doors, both residential and commercial. Torsion means twisting, and these springs work inline with their name: by storing mechanical energy when they are twisted, and then releasing that energy when untwisted. Torsion springs, rather than convention springs, are often used in garage doors because they can store more energy, making them more efficient.

Where Are Torsion Springs Located?

If you look up at your garage door, the torsion springs are the tightly wound coils that are located right above the opening of your garage door, placed horizontally. When the door is pulled down, the corners of the springs are twisted, creating energy. Then, when the door is opened, the springs unwind, releasing the energy and opening the door.

Replacing Garage Door Torsion Springs

With time, torsion springs will need to be replaced. Typically, torsion springs will last between five and 10 years, depending on their quality and how frequently the garage door is opened and closed. Weather may also affect torsion springs’ longevity, as cold temperatures or rust may reduce lifespan. As the springs age, they weaken – eventually, they will break and the door will not open.

Failing to check the health of your torsion springs on a regularly basis (annually is often recommended) can be dangerous; when torsion springs fail, they can cause a garage door to quickly and abruptly slam shut.

What might be even more dangerous, however, is when a home or business owner attempts to replace the garage door torsion springs themselves. Because the springs are under tension, even the slightest error could lead to a catastrophic injury, including lost fingers, limbs, or even death in the most tragic of cases. For this reason, it is always best to call a professional for garage door torsion spring replacement.

Garage Door Professionals Ready to Serve You

When you own a garage door, regular inspection, maintenance, and repair is key to ensuring that all things are working properly and that safety is prioritized. For all of your garage door needs, including torsion spring inspection and repair, contact the experienced professionals at Preferred Window & Door. Serving those in the state of Illinois and Indiana for more than 20 years, we have the experience and skillset that your garage door requires. We work with both commercial business and homeowners – call us today to get a free quote or learn more about our many services. We are available to chat today at 708-895-3667.

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