Seeking Seasonal Repairs: When Things Break In the Winter


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Performing maintenance on your home’s garage, doors, and windows throughout the year can help to keep everything in tip-top shape. However, when cold winter hits, breaks may be inevitable regardless of what preventative maintenance measures that you take. When things break in the winter, be sure to seek repairs in a timely manner. At Preferred Window & Door, we can help with both commercial and residential garage door repairs, window repairs, and more.

Common Necessary Repairs During the Wintertime

 Breakdowns are more common in the wintertime due to severe temperature changes that can cause parts to expand and contract, leading to cracks and damage. Moisture and water can also enter in through cracks in windows and (garage) doors, which can then freeze and expand, causing damage. Moving parts on garage doors, automatic doors, and even windows may be subject to damage. Weather stripping may suffer, and garage doors may cease to open or close as they should.

While these things may seem annoying, it is important to note that they can also be dangerous – residential and commercial doors and garage doors that are not functioning properly can pose a hazard to anyone who may enter the property. Malfunctioning dock levelers and rolling doors can also be dangerous and interrupt with a business’s normal functions. This may cause your business productivity to halt, resulting in a loss of profits that you otherwise would not have suffered.

Repair Services Offered By Preferred Window & Door

 While winter may wreak havoc on certain components of your home or business, the good news is that the professionals at Preferred Window & Door are only a phone call away. We can repair or replace the following:

  • Commercial automatic doors;
  • Air curtains;
  • Dock levelers;
  • Entrance doors;
  • Revolving doors;
  • Rolling doors;
  • Commercial and residential windows;
  • Commercial and residential garage doors;
  • Patio doors;
  • Security doors;
  • Storm doors; and
  • Counter shutters.

If you have a repair need that you do not see listed above, call us to inquire about whether or not we can help. We have more than two decades’ worth of experience serving customers in the Lake County, Indiana and South Cook County, Illinois areas.

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