Shut the Door on Burglaries and Break-Ins with Secure Commercial Exterior Doors


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Has your business ever had a break-in? If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2010 FBI crime report, over 60% of burglaries are forcible entries, meaning that they involve broken windows, kicked in doors, picked locks, or other methods of entering a building illegally. Even if your business hasn’t had a burglary yet, these crimes can occur at any moment. While all business owners can take the preventative measure of purchasing a good security system, one of the first steps in stopping burglaries before they happen is to have excellent and secure commercial exterior doors.

There are so many doors on the market today, so how can you know what to look for when protecting your company? Here are some features that any good commercial exterior doors should have:

  1. Materials: For the most part, all security doors should be made from steel. If possible, commercial exterior doors used for security should not contain any glass. Although some windows on security doors have bulletproof or otherwise reinforced glass, it is still a good precaution to use a metal-only door.
  2. Locks: All security locks should be installed with a latch guard plate, which is made for outswing doors (i.e. doors that open out of or away from the building). This plate prevents tampering with the door’s latch. For the lock itself, installing a deadbolt is a good measure for added security. If possible, a door lock that includes an electronic keypad is another great security measure.
  3. Shutters: In the event that you can’t put a metal door someplace on your property, such as in a front facade, roll up security shutters can be used in front of or behind your commercial entrance doors. Steel shutters are beneficial for protecting commercial windows and doors, and they can protect against vandalism as well.

The doors themselves can only do so much. Always make sure to lock your doors and keep them in good condition. Inform your employees of any issues with security to ensure that they take part in preventing unlawful entries. Also, be sure to use internal security measures, as well, such as interior security doors and safes; use door locks in parts of the building that limit access to certain staff members only, if necessary. Finally, if you have security concerns for your business, speak to an expert about installing commercial building windows and doors for added security. Have questions? Leave a comment.

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