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Signs It’s Time For Garage Door Maintenance

04 Dec

Signs It’s Time For Garage Door Maintenance

Posted Garage Door Maintenance

Your home’s garage door has a big job! It not only protects your garage from wind and weather but also keeps your vehicles and belongings safe. With weather changes ahead, you don’t want to have a malfunctioning door that compromises your home’s security.

Here are signs that your door is in need of maintenance or repairs.

Unexpected closures: Is your door moving on its own? If it is slamming shut or easing down the tracks, it needs to be evaluated by a professional sooner vs. later.

Mixed signals with door opener: When your door and opener are not connecting properly, whether it’s no response or a need to push the button several times, this is a signal to have your garage door inspected.

Pauses in motion: You expect your door to pause and stop when an obstruction is within the area of your door when you are trying to close it, but you don’t want disruptions when it is clear and free.

Excess noise: Of course, there is some noise when your door opens and closes, but has it been louder lately? Or perhaps the noise has changed with the addition of screeching or grinding.

Garage climate: If it’s cooler in the winter and hotter in the summer, you may want to think about replacing your door with one that has a higher insulation value. There are many new doors the have an R-value that top R-18. By doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the insulation value of your door could save you a lot of money in heating costs through the winter

Shake, shake, shake: A properly functioning garage door should move in a smooth and fluid motion. Trembling or jerky movements while the door is opening and closing may indicate an issue.

Sagging: While this may have been seen as a quirk and dismissed, sagging could be a sign of a big issue such as cracking door sections or loose reinforcement struts. Either way, the door could be in danger of falling. worn springs, rollers, or tracks.

Crooked opening: If one side of your door is up more than the other side, the most likely cause is a fraying cable, but you may need new springs.

Listen To What Your Garage Door Is Telling You

At Preferred Window and Door, we will thoroughly inspect your garage door to assess what repairs may be needed. We also offer a regularly scheduled maintenance strategy that includes inspecting such components as springs, rollers, hinges and hardware, cables and weatherstrip. We also test the door for proper alignment as well as examining the overall condition of the door and lubricate key parts.

Our crew members are certified and licensed and are experts in our industry. Their knowledge will shine through from the moment you meet them! We focus on customer service and our technicians are never subcontractors. We maintain the highest standard of AAADM and OSHA standards.

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