Simple Maintenance on Dock Levelers Ensures Long Lasting Performance


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Warehouses and shipping facilities are busy hubs of activity that require maintenance schedules to insure efficient operation. It is up to the facility manager to make sure things stay on schedule and downtime is kept to a minimum. One way to guarantee smooth operation of your distribution center is to perform preventative maintenance on loading dock leveler systems.

Mechanical and hydraulic dock leveler systems require some basic maintenance to operate the way that they were intended. By performing the following maintenance procedures, your dock leveling systems will provide your facility with reliable performance for years to come. All dock leveler maintenance should be performed to the specifications in the owner’s manual that came with your equipment.  By referencing the owner’s manual, you will insure that you are performing the procedures to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. The following is a basic run-through of procedures used during standard dock leveler maintenance. If you are uncomfortable performing any of these procedures, contact a certified dock leveler technician to perform the maintenance for you. 

  • Lubricate the systems as needed. Lubrication should be applied to pivots, pins, and hinges.
  • Keep dock levelers clean from debris
  • If your facility uses hydraulic dock leveler, be sure to check the hydraulic fluid levels and replenish as needed.
  • Inspect dock leveler visually.  Look for any signs of damage from equipment, or normal wear and tear.

Don’t panic if you discover that one of your loading docks has a damaged dock leveler. Contact the dock leveler experts at Preferred Window and Door.

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