Spring Cleaning for Homeowners – Don’t Forget the Windows and Door


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Hoorah – spring is just around the corner! Indeed, the first official day of Spring is March 20, and before you know it there is will be blossoms a plenty and sunshine galore.

Most homeowners use the spring season as the time to perform home maintenance and complete some much-need spring cleaning. Indeed, as temperatures warm, spring is the perfect time to get things around the house in order. As you plan for spring cleaning this year, our team at Preferred Window and Door offers a simple reminder: don’t forget about your window and doors.

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance for Window and Doors

Windows and doors in a a home can benefit from a little TLC as the weather transitions into the spring season. Here are some tips for window and door maintenance this spring:

  • Start with a good cleaning. Over the winter, windows and doors take a beating when it comes to dirt and debris, with materials accumulating during the cold season that need to be washed away in the warm. Which is why the first window and door maintenance must is to give both windows and doors a good washing. Rather than spending hours rubbing windows with cleaner and rags, switch to a strip applicator and a squeegee. You should also make sure you clean the inside of your windows, too. As for doors, use a non-abrasive cleaning mixture (like a mild soap) and a soft rag or sponge. You want to use non-abrasive materials to avoid stripping color from the door.
  • Check for damage. After your windows and doors are squeaky clean, the next step is to check for any damage that the windows and doors have sustained over the cold season, including cracks or leaks in weatherstripping. You should also examine things like finish, caulking, hardware (like locks and screws), and operation (do windows and doors open and close smoothly?).
  • Replace and repair. Finishing your inspection, you should have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done to get your windows and doors in tip-top shape again. Replacing weatherstripping is one of the most common needs, as weatherstripping tends to take a lot of wear and tear over the wintertime.
  • Consider new window and door installation. Depending upon the age of your windows and doors, you may also think about new window and door installation, which is ideally performed in the springtime. New window and door installation can help to improve the look and curb appeal of your home, not to mention energy efficiency and your monthly utility bill.

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