Spring and Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips


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Home and Commercial Business Owner Garage Door Maintenance for Spring and Summer

Whether you are a homeowner or the owner or manager of a commercial business, if there is a garage door on your property, it needs routine maintenance. In fact, failing to perform routine maintenance could have major consequences down the line, ranging from expensive repairs to injured employees and more. For home and commercial business owners in Illinois and Indiana, here are some tips for maintaining your garage door in preparation for the new season—

Check Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping on both residential and commercial garage doors should be checked every change of season; large temperature shifts, snow, ice, and moisture can all lead to cracks and deterioration of weatherstripping. Checking your weatherstripping is important, as weatherstripping serves the purpose of keeping cold air out during the wintertime, and hot air out during the summertime. This preserves garage and indoor temperatures, helping to conserve energy. Weatherstripping also helps to keep unwanted pests from entering.

Assess Safety Features

Safety requirements for commercial vs. residential garage doors may differ, but for both business and homeowners, ensuring that safety features are working as they should is absolutely critical for injury prevention. One of the most important garage door safety features is the automatic reverse function, which ensures that the garage door will not close completely, and instead reverse its path and move upwards, in the event that something (or someone) is in the way. When garage door photo eyes (the sensors that detect an object in a garage door’s path) are malfunctioning and reversal system do not work, the risk of injury or accident is highly increased.

Check, Lubricate, and Repair Moving Parts

Garage doors are made up of a number of moving parts. These parts all work together to ensure that garage doors are both efficient and safe. When a single part malfunctions, a garage door may fail to open or close, may be at risk of crashing down, or may break in another way, requiring expensive repairs. It is important to check moving parts on a regular basis, lubricate rollers and other moving parts at least once per year, and repair or replace any parts that are broken or have suffered significant wear and tear.

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