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Summer: It’s Time for New Patio Doors

28 Jun

Summer: It’s Time for New Patio Doors

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As the weather gets nicer, there is nothing like the feeling of fresh air traveling through your home, or sunlight streaming in. But just opening up your front door doesn’t cut it – while doing so provides air and light, it also creates an entrance for bugs and other pests. If you live in South Cook or Lake Counties, it may be time to consider getting new patio doors.

The Benefits of New Patio Doors

Many people in Illinois and Indiana love patio doors because they create a feeling of openness within a home by providing added light and views to the outside world. Year-round, patio doors can be enjoyed, but in the summer, they are especially nice. Patio doors come in a variety of different materials and designs to suit your needs, ranging from glass that will provide slightly more insulation and security, to screens that provide fresh air and allow you to enjoy a summer breeze while inside your home. Of course, patio doors also keep bugs and other pests out.

Patio doors are also great for giving you access to a much-enjoyed outdoor space. They can also be reinforced to provide extra security for your home as well. Patio doors can also be locked, allowing you to see who is outside your home before you open a door, reducing your risk of unwanted entry.

The Right Patio Doors for You

Summer is one of the best times to replace your patio doors, as doing so early in the season allows you to enjoy them throughout the warmest months of the year. At Preferred Window & Door, we offer many different patio door styles, including:

  • Rolling screen patio doors;
  • Double swinging doors;
  • Swinging patio doors; and
  • Sliding patio doors.

The above list is not inclusive; call us at your earliest convenience, or visit us in person, to see our full range of patio door styles. Our service professionals can help you to decide which doors are right for you based on the size of entry your home has, your budget, your needs, and your personal style.

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