Summer Is The Time To Take On Home Improvement Projects


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With warmer temperatures and longer days, summer is the season to check projects off your to-do list! From large to small, check out these ideas as an incentive to pull on your work gloves and freshen up your space.

  • Clean the outside: If you don’t own one, rent or borrow a power washer to spruce up your siding, sidewalks and driveway. These surfaces can collect grime and mildew and need to be washed just like other areas of your home.
  • Don’t forget the gutters: Often-forgotten gutters need to be watched for build-up and blockages. Make sure to see if they need a good cleaning as well.
  • Flower power: Change out your flower pots on your porch or add hanging plants as an easy way to add color and greenery to your curb appeal.
  • Weeds be gone: Take a chunk of time to really tackle the weeds that are sprouting up along your rock bed, garden or yard perimeter.
  • Fresh under your feet: Does your carpet or bathroom floor need to go? Update your room’s look in a big way with a new floor, such as the increasingly popular luxury vinyl.
  • Paint, paint, paint: A new wall color will always make a big impact, but don’t forget smaller projects, such as your outdoor furniture or porch trim. Maybe you have an old table sitting around in storage? Dust it off and revitalize it with a whole new look and color. Then it will be worthy of a central place in one of your rooms.
  • Switch up your room: An inexpensive avenue to a change is changing a room’s layout. Start with a focal point and large furniture item, such as a bed or couch, and work around those pieces. A room can have a whole new feel with just a layout update.
  • A knob above: Swapping out kitchen cabinet hardware can be a small effort with a big effect! The investment here is more on time than money to purchase the new handles.
  • Punch of pillows: Throw pillows in your living room are a no-fuss way to freshen your room. Change in texture or color can really convert a room.

Window To The World

New windows will not only update the look of your house, but also increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level. At Preferred Window and Door, our energy-saving windows are accredited through the National Fenestration Rating Council. Our offerings include Thermal Industries, ProVia, Essentials, Sunrise and Vanguard.

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We Can Help You Decide On Your Windows

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