The Need For Garage Door Repair Increases As Temperatures Fall


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Cold temperatures can create many problems for homeowners with garage doors in Calumet City, IL.

As temperatures begin to fall throughout the area, it’s important to understand that garage doors often need repairs during the winter months. Like many things in your home, your garage door struggles when the temperature drops. Unlike summer months, we tend to open and close our garage doors more often in the winter. This increase in cycles can lead to problems over the winter. There are many reasons why garage doors tend to fail more often in the winter than in the summer; here are just a few.

Broken Springs:
Winter is when we see the greatest amount of garage door repairs involving broken springs. This occurs because during cold temperatures, older steel springs can become brittle and snap. Remember, garage door repair that involves spring replacement is best left to a professional.

Frozen Doors:


When snow gets under your garage door it can melt and then re-freeze. This can cause garage doors to freeze to the floor of your garage. One problem that can happen is that the gears in your opener can become stripped trying to lift a frozen door. The resulting garage door repair is to replace your garage door opener.

Snapped Cables:
Many people believe it is best to salt around their garage door to prevent freezing. If you do so, you must be careful to avoid salting too close to the cables on either side of the door. Over-salting can cause cables to rust and snap. This requires an immediate garage door repair because your door will become crooked.

In the winter it is important to pay special attention to the operation of your garage door. Periodically inspect it for damage and proper operation. If you do require a  garage door repair in Calumet City, IL contact the garage door repair specialists at Preferred Window and Door. They have been installing and repairing garage doors in the Calumet City, IL area, the southern Chicago suburbs, and N.W. Indiana since 1994. For more information, call us at (708) 895-3667.

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