Is it Time to Update to Glass Doors?


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Glass is becoming the medium of choice for many homeowners who are building new, modern homes, and those who want to update to a more modern look. From glass doors to big, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the use of glass adds a chic, natural, and clean look. If your doors or windows are outdated, here are some of the benefits of updating to glass doors (or floor-to-ceiling glass walls) in your Northern Illinois or Northwest Indiana home.

The Benefits of Glass Doors and Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Walls: Beauty & Functionality

One of the most obvious reasons for using glass for a wall or door in your home is that glass provides a unique and beautiful design element. In today’s world, glass also provides a modern and sleek design, and may improve your home’s curb appeal as such. Glass also creates the illusion of more space and a more open, airy feel. Glass works great in small spaces and for homeowners who want to employ an open concept design.

But glass is more than just pretty to look at and inviting; it is also functional, strong, and affordable, too. Glass is extremely durable, one of the few materials that really tests the powers of time. And, glass will never go out of style, ensuring that your home will look great for years to come. With the use of glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, you can also minimize utility costs by taking advantage of the natural light that is provided (which also helps to keep things warm inside during the wintertime).

Glass Doors and Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Walls by Preferred Window & Door

In our Preferred Window & Door showroom, we have multiple ½” thick tempered glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls currently being developed. These doors are designed to not only be attractive, but durable and functional as well.

Making the switch to glass doors – for your front door, side entry doors, or back door – or to glass walls that span the height of your walls, can be an amazing way to completely transform the feel of your home without changing its structure or engaging in a big renovation project. If you are ready to learn more about our glass for doors, walls, or windows, contact our experienced door and window specialists today.

We have more than two decades’ worth of experience serving customers throughout Indiana and Illinois – reach us now for a free quote at 708-895-3667.

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