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Tips for Choosing a Residential Door

08 Mar

Tips for Choosing a Residential Door

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Your home’s doors say a lot about your lifestyle and your personal flair. A bright red door on an otherwise dull-colored house is exciting and adventurous; French doors that open onto a patio show a degree of sophistication. So if you are building a new home, or are ready to replace doors in your existing home, the type of door, or doors, that you will choose is important. The right door can improve the beauty of your home’s façade, increase your home’s value, and even add to your comfort and security. Here are some tips for choosing a residential door in South Cook County, Illinois or Lake County, Indiana.

Consider Your Budget

First and foremost, consider your budget. This is important to do first because for most people considering residential door installation or replacement, budget will be the limiting factor. In considering your budget, also consider the following features or factors that you might be willing to spend a little more on:

  •      Long-term benefits (longevity of the door);
  •      Energy efficiency;
  •      Weather protection features;
  •      Required maintenance; and
  •      Other neat features.

Once you have your budget set, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Choose the Right Material for Where You Live

Illinois and Indiana are both notorious for harsh, cold winters, plenty of moisture, and snow and wind. Think about this when considering the material that you want for your door. For example, steel is incredibly durable, and can be manufactured to be extra energy efficient (which you will want during the coldest days of winter). Your budget will also dictate the material that you choose. Wood, while beautiful, can be extremely expensive.

Make sure that whatever material you choose, you consider insulation. Good insulation is one of the most important features to think about when purchasing a new residential door. Insulation will help to save on energy costs and keep you comfortable in both the winter and summer months.

Think About Style

Your own personal sense of style is an important component in choosing the right garage door. Do you want something modern and trendy? Bold and bright? Rustic and warm? Consider you house and your neighborhood, as well as what resonates with you most. The style, color, and pattern that you choose is entirely yours to decide.

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