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Tips To Tackle The Annual Leaf Cleanup Chore

06 Nov

Tips To Tackle The Annual Leaf Cleanup Chore

Posted Garage Door Maintenance

The crinkle and crackle of leaves are filling the air as the typical sounds of autumn are popping up! Along with the sweet smells and sounds of fall though, come the mess and cleanup.

Are you dragging leaf debris into your garage on the soles of your shoes? Is the wind blowing the loose leaves into the corners and crevices of your garage? It’s time to tackle the seasonal chore of leaf cleanup!

Mowing it down: If you have a lawn mower with a bag attachment, this makes the movement of leaves easier as they are all collected in one place. Mowing can also be a way to break the leaves down if you want to leave the leaves’ nutrients behind.

A tarp situation: Pairing a blower with a tarp can add up to the right strategy. Tarps make transport of the debris easier than having to constantly bend over and put into bags or a wheelbarrow. If you don’t have a blower, of course, a rake can do the job. Just make sure to wear gloves to cut back on blisters and select the right rake for the task.

Keep an eye above: Your gutters can collect leaves and debris and cause clogs or a source for mold. Take time to check on your gutters once the leaves start falling.

A New Life For Old Leaves

Now that you’ve gathered up your leaf collection, check out some of the ways you can put some of the leaves to use:

Create a barrier: Leaves can assist with stopping weeds and help retain moisture in some areas of your yard including ornamental shrubs and vegetable gardens.

Compost component: If you already have a compost pile, leaves make a nutrient-rich part of this recycling process.

Community collaboration: If you personally don’t garden or compost, check your city or town’s recycling center to see if they gather leaves and fall debris from community members to share back as compost.

Lessons in fun: Let the kids gather some leaves up and make a collage or art project. Leaves can be preserved by pressing in a book, using wax or glycerin. Project ideas include using the dry leaves as a base for drawing and glitter, creating a leaf mobile or framed artwork.

Properly Functioning Garage Door Keeps Leaves Out

If there are nooks and crannies that are letting leaves in or your garage door has damaged panels, we can help with any repairs! We take care of dents and cracks as well as repair or replace broken panels. We can also work with you on maintaining your garage door as part of a preventive plan.

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