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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Automatic Doors For Your Business

18 Jun

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Automatic Doors For Your Business

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Automatic doors provide businesses with modern and convenient entryway solutions. However, many business owners believe that automatic doors are too expensive to install, repair, and maintain. This could not be further from the truth.

When one considers, the many benefits that an automatic door installation can provide for a business, such as energy savings and safety, it becomes obvious that automatic doors are the best choice.

1.) Customer Preference

Customers prefer businesses that have automatic doors installed. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers surveys show that consumers want more automatic doors in places that they are not typically found, as well as hospitals, hotels, stores, and airports.

2.) Choice

Automatic sliding doors, automatic folding doors, and automatic swinging doors provide versatility and functionality based on the specific needs of each entryway.

3.) Convenient

Automatic doors provide convenient entry to facilities and businesses for everyone. These doors are the first line of customer service and are becoming increasingly expected by consumers.

4.) Appearance

Automatic doors present a clean and modern entrance for the public while positioning a business as state-of-the-art.

5.) Hassle Free

When Automatic doors are properly maintained, they provide dependable operation with minimal repair requirements.

6.) Lasting Value

The combination of dependable operation, energy savings, and customer appeal can benefit any business.

7.) Energy Efficient

Automatic door installation significantly reduces heating and cooling costs by only opening and closing when needed.

8.) Access for Everyone

Installing automatic doors means that your business complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and also insures easy access for elderly patrons.

9.) Safety

When automatic doors are inspected and maintained by an AAADM certified automatic door Installation Company, they will offer safe operation for years to come.

10.) Lower Cost Options

Low energy automatic door options are affordable and can turn an existing manual door into an automatic door.

Preferred Window And Door of Lynwood, Illinois has been installing, maintaining, and repairing automatic doors since 1994. Preferred is certified by the AAADM and can provide inspections of all automatic door systems. For a FREE commercial automatic door installation estimate visit our website or call us at 708-251-4883 or 219-595-9680.


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