Understanding Energy Efficient Windows


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We have all seen the energy efficient logos and seen the marketing materials promising reduced energy costs for our homes, but many don’t really believe the hype. Here is an info graphic for Preferred Window and Door that explains the different types of energy efficient windows and how they help to save money and add value to your home.


There are many benefits to installing energy efficient windows on your home:

  • Save Money on Heating and Cooling
  • Increased Value During Resale of Home
  • Added Aesthetic Beauty and Increased Comfort
  • Energy Efficiency is Better for the Enviornment

Window Manufactures use up yo three common techniques to maximize the energy efficiency of Windows.

  • Multiple Glass Panes

Multiple panes od glass provide greater protection from energy loss.  High efficiency windows often incorporate anywhere from 2 to 4 panes of glass.

  • Low E Coatings

These coatings are applied to the glass to prevent and allow certain light wavelengths to pass through the glass.  This controls the U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient of the window. Coating can be customized and combined to form any desired U-factor or SHGC>

  • Gas Filled Window Panes

Argon, Krypton or Xenon gasses are used between each pane instead of regular air. This adds to the thermal efficiency of the window. Argon is the most common gas used in gas filled windows.

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