Why You Should Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home or Business


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You may think that the windows that your home or business are currently using are just fine. However, while your windows may be doing their part to keep moisture out and keep temperatures regulated, did you know that you could be losing money every month on your energy bill by not switching to energy-efficient windows? The following considers some of the many benefits of energy efficient windows and why it is in your best interest to make the switch today:

Saving Money

Most people love energy-efficient windows because they help to save a home or business money every single month of the year. In fact, switching to energy efficient windows (when combined to other energy-saving strategies within the home) can save as much as 20 to 30 percent on your home or business’s utility bills. See Energy Star’s website for the cost breakdown.

It is important to note that these savings are not just for homeowners, but for business owners as well. Replacing windows in storefronts with high-performance glass can help businesses to cut down on excessive energy costs. At Preferred Window & Door, our service professionals recently took on the project of redoing an entire storefront of a strip mall in South Holland, Illinois due to the high HVAC bills as a result of single-pane glass and non-thermally broken aluminum extrusions.

Helping the Earth

Do not overlook the benefits that switching to energy-efficient windows will have on your carbon footprint as well. To be sure, replacing single-pane windows with energy efficient ones can save up to 317 gallons of gasoline in a single year, the equivalent to 6,205 pounds of C02. For businesses looking for an edge, energy efficiency is an important way to attract customers in a certain demographic and be more eco-friendly.

Increasing Comfort

You won’t just love your new windows because they save you money and help the earth; you’ll love them because they’ll help to keep you – and your customers – more comfortable year-round. When it is cold outside, windows that are not energy efficient will pull heat away from your body, leaving you feeling chilled even when the thermostat is set on high. And in the summer, inefficient windows have the opposite effect, allowing heat from the sun to enter and penetrate the rooms of your home or business. When you switch to energy efficient windows, you will notice more constant and consistent temperatures, even when outside temps are dipping or blazing.

Learn More About Energy Efficient Window Today

There is no reason not to make the switch to energy efficient windows. At Preferred Window and Door, we are happy to meet with you to discuss the prospect of energy efficient window installation for your home or business today. Request a free quote using our online form, or call us directly at 708-895-3667. We have been serving clients in the South Cook County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana areas for more than 20 years and have the experience that you are looking for!

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