Valentine’s Day 2018: New Window or Doors Make the Perfect Gift


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Finding the perfect gift for the person that you love more than anything and have built a life with can be difficult – your special someone deserves something as special as they are. Which is why if you want to give a gift that will do more than get consumed quickly or sit on the shelf untouched for the next decade, new windows or doors from Preferred Window and Door should be a consideration.

New Windows or Doors Make the Perfect Gift

If you and your partner have been talking about new windows or doors for a while now but haven’t gotten around to scheduling your consultation and picking out exactly what you want for your home, why wait any longer? New windows and doors are a gift that:

  • Shows you care;
  • Will last for years to come;
  • Are an investment that you both can feel good about; and
  • Will improve your home’s value, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re not ready to decide on the final touches without the go-ahead from your spouse, we understand. We can help you to pick out a variety of different options that you can present your loved one this Valentine’s Day and discuss together. Then, you both can come back in to finalize a decision and start the new window or door installation process.

What Are the Benefits of New Windows and Doors?

New windows and doors are a great investment if your current home’s windows are more than 50 years old, or if your doors are a few decades old and are damaged or/and inefficient. Outdated windows and doors typically have poor insulation and are drafty, may be expensive to maintain and difficult to open, close, and clean, and often don’t match your home’s current style or aesthetic goals. Drafts and inconsistent temperatures mean higher energy bills, a problem that can be easily resolved with new window and door installation, especially if you choose energy-efficient models.

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When was the last time you did something to really surprise the one you loved? Investing in the new windows and doors that you have been talking about may the most romantic thing you could do. To learn more about new windows and doors and why working with Preferred Window and Door is the smart choice for installation in Illinois or Indiana, call our team today. You can reach us at 708-895-3667, or by sending us a message using the contact form found on our website today.

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