Vinyl Windows From Sunrise® Offer Personal Style With Blinds Between The Glass


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Sunblinds® from Sunrise® give homeowners the option to have blinds that never need to be cleaned.

Nobody wants to spend time cleaning window blinds. Let’s face it; it is a real pain. Fortunately, the innovative minds at Sunrise® Windows have developed a way to remove that task from of our to-do list. If you are going to be installing vinyl windows on your home, you may want to ask your window installation professional about Sunblinds® from Sunrise® Windows.

Vinyl Windows With Functional Style
Vinyl windows are the most affordable windows that you can install on your home. Why not take the extra savings and put them into something useful. Sunblinds® are the perfect addition to your new vinyl windows. Instead of having to go out and purchase mini-blinds and install them yourself, these vinyl windows have the blinds already installed between the panes of glass. They are available in 5 color options, which means that you are sure to find something to suit your personal style.

Easy To Use
Vinyl windows with Sunblinds® are available in two styles. The tilt only model allows for opening and closing of the slats. The Lift and Tilt models allow for the raising of the blinds and the opening and closing of the slats. Depending on the size of your window, you will either have a magnetic control, a cord control, or a combination of both.

Sunblinds® from Sunrise® Windows offers homeowners design versatility when it comes to vinyl windows. Never again will you spend your weekend cleaning the slats of your mini-blinds. If you are interested in having vinyl windows with Sunblinds® installed on your Glenwood, IL home, contact the window installation specialists at Preferred Window and Door. They have been installing vinyl windows in the Glenwood, IL area, the southern Chicago suburbs, and N.W. Indiana since 1994. For more information, call us at (708) 895-3667.

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