Keep The Warm Air In And Cool Drafts Out During Winter Months


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It’s that time of year when we want to be cozy in our homes. There’s nothing better than walking into a warm and comfortable home after a day out in the cold. Of course, you could crank up your thermostat, but that will only lead to higher heating bills. Windows with high-performance glass will not only save money on heating and cooling but also make your home more comfortable by eliminating temperature variations that occur from gain or loss of radiant energy (heat) through the glass of your windows.

Here are some tips to warm up your home without breaking the bank.

Seal up those drafts: Check around your door frames to see if there are gaps or cracks in your weatherstripping as it may be time for new. Also, consider installing a new sweep at the base of your door.

Ceiling fan direction: As warm air rises, take a moment to adjust all of the ceiling fans in your home. Run them at the lowest setting in a clockwise direction to help push the warm air back down into the room.

Let the sunshine in: A source of warmth that is free is right outside your windows! Open curtains and blinds for your south-facing windows during the day to help warm up your rooms naturally. At night, make sure to close up your curtains to help insulate in the warm and keep out the cool.

Furniture layout: Take a close look at how the furniture is laid out in the rooms that you spend the most time in. Make sure you don’t have couches and chairs covering up your vents so the warm air can easily circulate around the room.

Fireplace flue: When your fireplace is not in use, make sure you shut your flue as chimneys can be a major source of heat loss.

Bring out the blankets: Have throws, blankets or even heated throws within easy reach of the rooms that you hang out in the most so you can easily grab an extra layer when needed.

New Windows Can Be The Way To A Warmer Home

Do you feel a draft coming in around your windows? That is a sign that it’s time to upgrade. We offer residential replacement window services for such windows as double hung, casement, slider, picture, bay, and basement. We work with such reputable brands as Sunrise, Vanguard, Provia.

Our professional installers will come to your home and provide a free estimate of your project. We have our own in-house fabrication department so the size and fit are exactly what your home needs.

Find Out How Our Team Can Keep Your Home Warmer

At Preferred Window and Door, we would be happy to come out to your home and give you an honest assessment of the condition of your windows and also educate you on the features and benefits that may be available to you. Feel free to stop by our showroom at 3280 E. Lincoln Hwy. in Lynwood, IL. You can also call us at 708-895-3667 or fill out our online contact form.

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