Weatherstripping 101: What Does it Do, Where Do I Need it, and How Often Should it Be Replaced?


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For home and business owners, weatherstripping is an important tool and task for preventing drafts and saving on heating and cooling costs. But if you’re a first time homeowner, or someone who hasn’t ever been in charge of property maintenance, you may not know the first thing about weatherstripping. At Preferred Window and Door, we are here to help with window and door maintenance – in the meantime, here’s some important weatherstripping information you should know:

What Is Weatherstripping and What Does it Do?

Weatherstripping is the process of sealing openings of doors and windows to protect from the elements. Weatherstripping can be useful in keeping out pests, saving energy and improving insulation, and eliminating drafts. Weatherstripping also prevents rain and moisture from being able to enter a home, which is crucial for reducing damage. Weatherstripping can even be used to reduce noise!

Materials used for weatherstripping differ, but usually are a mix of plastic and rubber. There are lot of different types of weatherstripping materials, too, such as sweeps, gaskets, v-strips, and tapes.

Where Do I Need Weatherstripping in My Home or Business?

Weatherstripping should be placed around the frames of all windows and doors that are dated, are not energy efficient, or that have small cracks and spaces (some of which you may not be able to see with the naked eye) which allow air, debris, and moisture to enter. Garage doors, attic hatchways, and doors leading from the house to the garage can also benefit from weatherstripping.

Installing and Replacing Weatherstripping

Installing weatherstripping is a pretty straightforward process. You should start by cleaning edges and seals where you will place weatherstripping first. Then, measure the size of weatherstripping you will need, and cut a corresponding piece to place. Make sure you place the weatherstripping securely – you can refer to an online guide for placement tips.

You should check your weatherstripping about twice a year year for cracks and damage. In many cases, yearly replacement is ideal.

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency

Whether you are the owner of a home or the manager of a business, maximizing energy efficiency is important, and helps to save money and provide maximal comfort. At Preferred Window and Door, we can assist you with all of your window and door repair needs, including new window and door installation. If you are ready to learn more about energy efficiency and how new window and door installation can benefit you, please contact us today by phone or online. You can reach us directly at 708-895-3667. We look forward to serving you.

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