Weighing the Benefits of Manual and Automatic Entrance Doors: A Comparison


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Most business owners know that the exteriors of their storefronts, restaurants, offices, and other businesses can make or break a customer’s first impression of a company. In addition to creating a professional aesthetic for your business’s brick and mortar location, using the right kind of entry door is also the best way to impress customers before they even walk into the building. There are many different kinds of doors on the market, and they range from manual commercial entrance doors to various types of automatic entrance doors.

Just as every business is different, so, too, is a business’s security needs when it comes to entry doors. Both manual and automatic doors have their advantages, and business owners need to know that making the right decision can be a crucial move. If you’re considering new doors for your commercial property, here is a quick breakdown concerning the benefits of each door type.

The Benefits of Manual Commercial Entrance Doors

1. Less maintenance: Because manual doors don’t require electricity to operate, you won’t have to worry about needing power to let your customers in and out of the building. You also won’t have to worry about your doors getting stuck open or shut during peak business hours.

2. Individualized security: With a manual door, you can also inquire about installing your own security system. There are many ways to customize the locks on your door, whether you prefer a key or an electronic system (or both).

3. Greater choices: With a manual entrance door, you’ll get a greater choice in styles than you would with most electronic doors. This can allow you to customize your business’s appearance more, and it can even bring a “home-like” appearance to small businesses.

The Benefits of Automatic Entrance Doors

1. More energy efficiency: Automatic entrance doors will open and close only when they need to. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about doors being left open by accident, letting heat out in the winter and air conditioning out in the summer.

2. Better security: Automatic sliding glass doors may sound fragile because they contain glass, but they actually provide great protection from the elements and other hazards. The doors themselves can be locked when you need them to be, and you can select additional security for them, also.

3. Greater accessibility: Because your automatic sliding doors or automatic swing doors let everyone in and out of the building easily, you can ensure that all of your customers and employees have fair access to your facility. For shoppers, automatic opening doors are also useful when leaving with a large amount of purchases.

In the United States alone, there are over 12,000 window and door installation businesses, with over 100,000 employees collectively. With those kinds of numbers, finding a window and door expert for your business should be easy when you search in your area. If you would like to find a commercial entrance door installation service, be sure to hire a trusted company near you. Want more suggestions for your business? Be sure to leave us a comment below or leave one detailing your experience with your commercial doors.

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