What Type Of Automatic Entry Door System Is Best For Your Building


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Automatic entry doors provide easy access to commercial, industrial, institutional and government facilities. The type of system that you choose to install depends on the functions that it will serve and what type of entry your building requires. Automatic door systems typically fall under following categories: Swinging door systems, folding door systems, and sliding door systems.

Automatic Swinging Doors: Automatic swinging doors, or swing doors, are often used in grocery stores, office buildings, and department stores. Automatic swing doors operate by swinging the door open much like how a traditional door opens. These doors are a practical choice when a business would like to install an automatic entry door system to an existing traditional, manual doorway.

Automatic Folding Doors: These doors are sometimes referred to as Bi-part or bi-fold doors. Automatic folding doors consist of panels that “fold” in on one another to create and opening. These doors offer benefits such as the accommodation of two-way traffic, and they will not damage floors.

Automatic Sliding Doors: Automatic sliding doors are mounted on tracks and rollers so that they slide open. These doors offer maximum entryway space, accommodate two-way traffic, and open and close quickly. These doors have become very popular in shopping centers.

All automatic entry doors offer an energy efficient way to provide easy access to the to your facilities. Whether you choose install automatic swinging doors, automatic folding doors, or automatic sliding doors will depend on the specific function the doors need to perform. Also, space and budget may also be deciding factors in your choices.

Preferred Window and Door of Lynwood IL offers installation of all types of automatic doors. If you are interested in providing easy, automated access to your facilities, visit our website or call us today at (708)251-4883 or (219)595-9680.

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