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Which Style Vinyl Windows Is Best For You?

09 Oct

Which Style Vinyl Windows Is Best For You?

Posted Residential Windows

Has the time come for you to install replacement windows on your home or new windows on your new home? If so, you have probably been leaning heavily towards vinyl windows. While they offer amazing energy efficiency and easy maintenance you may be wondering if they are available in the style that you need. If so, I have some very good news for you. No matter what style of window you need, there is a vinyl option available.

Let’s discuss the basics of window styles available so you can decide which vinyl windows will work best for your home.

Casement Vinyl Windows
Casement windows are windows that are mounted on hinges and swing open usually with a crank. Casement vinyl windows offer more ventilation than any other type of window. They are also available in hopper and awning styles. A hopper window is often used in a basement and swing from the top inward. Awning windows on the other hand swing open from the bottom outward.

Single Hung and Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Double hung and single hung windows operate much the same way as each other and offer an affordable solution for any home. On a double hung window, both sashes in the frame can move. On a single hung window, only the bottom sash can move. If you are looking for vinyl windows that are easy to clean, choose double hung because both sashes tilt in.

Slider Vinyl Windows
Slider windows are exactly as the name implies, they slide open and closed. The sashes are mounted on rollers and move side to side. These windows work great in longer horizontal situations and are available in many configurations such as picture windows with two sliding panels on the sides.

Specialty vinyl windows are also available. Elegant bow, bay, garden and picture windows are all available in vinyl. The possibilities are almost endless. Regardless of the style of window you need, it’s nice to know that you have an affordable and energy efficient choice with vinyl windows.

If you are interested in more information on vinyl windows, contact the professional window technicians at Preferred Window and Door in Lynwood, Illinois. They have been installing vinyl windows in Burnham, IL, the southern Chicago suburbs and N.W. Indiana since 1994. To learn more about new windows call us at 708-251-4883 or 219-595-9680.


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