Use A Window to Create a Door to Better Access your Home’s Deck


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Cutting a Patio Door into a Window Opening to Make Better Use of a Deck

Imagine you are a homeowner that has a beautiful outdoor space that you currently use – or dream of using – for a deck. Your deck provides a wonderful place to host family and friends, relax, listen to the birds chirp, and get some fresh air. But there’s one problem: your deck isn’t always convenient to access, and currently only provides one point of entry (or none at all, which is why your deck is just a dream rather than a reality at this point). The good news, however, is that this dilemma is easily fixed when you cut a new patio door from an existing window opening.

The Benefits of Cutting a Patio Door from a Window Opening to Make Better Use of a Deck

Installing a patio door into an existing opening may sound like a huge project, but it is actually very manageable and common. At Preferred Window & Door, we have been installing patio doors by cutting a patio door into a window opening for more than 20 years, and have mastered the practice. We will guide you through the process of:

  • Choosing your door – We have a huge selection of patio doors to choose from, ranging from sliding doors to glass doors to screen doors and more. Our doors come in different styles, colors, materials, and sizes. What you want depends entirely on your preferences and your budget.
  • Finding the right sized door – Keep in mind that size will probably be a factor when it comes to the door you choose. While we have the ability to cut a patio door that’s as big as you want, we are limited by wall space.
  • Understanding our process – We perform all measurements, wall preparation, insulation removal, rerouting of electrical wires, cutting and framing, and door installation. We will answer any questions that you have about the process along the way.

We Are Your Patio Door Specialists

If you have always dreamed of access to your backyard or patio but have been worried about the expense or the work involved, we can help. We offer affordable options for homeowners who want to cut a patio door from a window opening to make better use of their deck. Our decades of experience and commitment to the customer experience combine to make us the best choice for your patio door needs in the states of Illinois and Indiana.

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