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New Window Treatments Freshen Up The Whole Room

01 Jan

New Window Treatments Freshen Up The Whole Room

Posted Residential Windows

Have your blinds seen better days? Are your curtains years old? Curtains and blinds can make a statement in any room – good or bad! If it’s time to revitalize your rooms, check out these trends coming in 2019 for all things window treatment.

Power to the blinds: Technology can connect your blinds to smart home devices and you can control them with your voice or set them to open and close at certain times of the day.

Splash of color: Curtains full of color can be just what your room is needing! Using curtains as a platform for your accent color adds life to your room. Jewel tones are expected to have their day in the new year.

Let the light in: An expected trend in 2019 is letting in more natural light. Sheer fabrics for curtains can allow for some sun while still offering some privacy. Sheer doesn’t just need to be white – there are an array of colors offered in sheer fabrics as well.

A touch of nature: Organic offerings bring a sense of the outside in. Eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and natural woven shades, continue the evolution of this design philosophy.

Layered look: Sheer shades can add a design element in the front while blackout shades against the window offer the privacy you may be seeking.

Metallics are back: Bronzes, silver and golds seem to be popping up everywhere! You will also find them in the new year on curtain offerings.

Pattern possibilities: A bold pattern can provide a focal point for your room. Geometric and creative patterns can really liven up your space.

Beyond Curtains And Blinds, New Windows Can Be The Answer

Windows aren’t just functional, but also can be fashionable. We have such brands as Sunrise, Vanguard, and Provia. We work with a variety of window types such as casement, double hung, slider, picture and bay as part of our residential replacement window services.

Our expert team will come out to your house to offer a free estimate. You can be sure that your windows will fit as we have our own in-house fabrication department at Preferred Window and Door. The day of the job, we will be ready with everything we need for your project and will leave your grounds clean and just like it was when we got there.

Work With A Family-Owned Business With Strong Roots In The Community

For 24 years, we have been serving the community with our residential and commercial window and door services. We work hard every day to deliver our customers the value and quality that we demand of ourselves as a family run business. We are ready to discuss your new windows! You can also call us at 708-895-3667 or fill out our online contact form.


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