Winter Checklist for Door and Window Maintenance


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As a homeowner, business owner, or both in Indiana or Illinois, you have no doubt noticed that winter is coming, and as such given thought to what things you need to do to get your home or business prepared for the cold season. At Preferred Window and Door, we have create a winter checklist for window and door maintenance to help ensure that both operate optimally throughout the season.

Get Ready – Supplies and Safety

The first thing that you should when preparing for window and door maintenance is to get your supplies in order, and to give safely a consideration. For example, if you need to check windows from the outside, make sure you’re using a safe ladder, wearing proper shoes, and aren’t climbing on the roof if conditions are icy or wet. If you’ll be using any cleaning products, make sure you’re using gloves and a mask to protect against coming in contact with, or inhaling, any dangerous chemicals.

Give Windows and Door a Good Scrub

Before you forget about your windows and doors over the long winter, you should give them a good wipe down, taking extra care to focus on the moving parts, window sills, and door jams. You want to make sure that these areas are cleaned especially well so that when you close your windows and doors, the seals are tight and no warm air from inside your house is able to escape. Take note of any gaps in seals, or drafts, that you come upon while cleaning.

Seal Gaps, Replace Screens, and Put Down Weatherstripping

Once things are sparkling, you should take the time to seal any gaps that you noticed while cleaning, replace screens that are damaged, and put down weatherstripping around your windows and door frames. Weatherstripping can help insulate your home and keep indoor temperatures constant (and reduce heating costs) even if you can’t visibly see a gap or feel a draft. Weatherstripping is inexpensive and easy to place, so there’s no reason to cut corners.

Consider More Energy Efficient Windows/Doors or Storm Windows

If you have noticed that the last couple of winters, you seem to be spending more on heating costs than you remember, it may be time to upgrade your windows or doors. In fact, before you do all of the tasks above, you should think seriously about upgrading to more energy efficient windows or doors, or installing storm windows/doors for added insulation at the very least.

Contact Preferred Window and Door

At Preferred Window and Door, we have answers to all of your window and door questions, ranging from window and door maintenance matters to new window and door installation. We hope that your winter door and window maintenance goes smoothly, but if you do have questions about how upgrading can help you to stay more comfortable and save money, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can get in touch today by calling us at 708-895-3667, or sending us a message online.

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