Wood, Steel, and Fiberglass Entry Doors All Have Their Benefits


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If the outside entry door of your home is in sad shape, it’s probably time that you put some serious thought into having a professional install a replacement. Depending on your preferences, there are several options available to you in terms of style, energy efficiency, and price. Doors that are manufactured out of wood, fiberglass, and steel are the three most common types of entry doors typically installed on homes today and are available from many manufacturers. While your budget will ultimately guide your buying decision, each material has its benefits, and door installation companies often have entry level models in each category that are affordable.


Wood Entry Doors

Installing a wooden entry door on your home exudes luxury and warmth. These doors add “curb appeal” to your home and will last for years to come, provided they are well maintained. Wood entry doors provide decent energy efficiency and are often the choice of homeowners who prefer the craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty of wood. While these doors are beautiful, they involve regular painting or staining to prevent decay. Wooden entry doors are also very expensive.


Fiberglass Entry Doors

When you install a fiberglass entry door, you will be getting maximum energy efficiency at an affordable price. Fiberglass also can be molded to look like wood. This faux wood texture is often indistinguishable from real wood, even at close distances. However, cheap fiberglass doors may warp or fade and can also be expensive. If you choose to install a fiberglass entry door, be sure to speak with an expert about newer models that don’t warp or fade.


Steel Entry Doors

Many homeowners choose to install steel entry doors on their home because of their budget. However, modern steel doors offer energy efficiency on par with those made of fiberglass at a more reasonable price.  These newer doors also use stamping technology to replicate wood and galvanization to prevent against the rust problems that once plagued older steel entry doors. Steel offers affordability, elegance, and efficiency for homeowners on a budget.

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